Equity and Diversity Committee

MCMS is actively working to make changes that will benefit all members of our community, by leaning forward and doing our part in the medical profession to achieve equity for all. Equity in pay and employment opportunities for doctors as well as equity in health outcomes for our patients is our goal. We are now looking for members to join this effort by being part of the newly formed Committee on Equity and Diversity. This committee will:

  • Encourage adequate representation of all within the medical society, including but not limited to racial and ethnic minority physicians, those with disabilities and more
  • Specifically tackle issues related to medical school admissions, residency matching and employment opportunities for physicians that have negatively impacted those underrepresented in medicine
  • Be aware of and actively involved in tackling the complex issues related to disparate health outcomes, understanding that all results are not directly related to the provision of healthcare
  • Educate ourselves and others about the impact of structural and institutional racism on the above
  • Identify training and educational topics for physicians and healthcare staff, and provide guidance to MCMS on health disparities that may be addressed in the community through the work of the Quality Committee

Please consider joining us as we progress towards health equity for all. Interested?

Join here.

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