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The Edward Mott Moore Award

Ea​ch year, Monroe County Medical Society (MCMS) presents its distinguished Edward Mott Moore Award to both a physician and a layperson whose lives reflect the qualities exemplified by Dr. Edward Mott Moore as a physician, teacher, investigator, leader and contributor to the community. This is the highest honor bestowed by MCMS, in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to the medical profession and the community.  

Dr. Moore, a prominent New York State physician, became a professor of surgery in 1842, at 28 years of age. He was soon recognized as an outstanding teacher of surgery and between 1842 and 1883, was appointed professor of surgery successively at four different medical schools. Dr. Moore was surgeon-in-chief at St. Mary's Hospital from its opening in 1857 until his death in 1902 at the age of 88. His interest in research and therapeutic innovation inspired him to take part in numerous significant projects throughout his career. A leader by nature, Dr. Moore served as president of the American Medical Association and the Medical Society of the State of New York, and was founder and president of the American Surgical Association and the New York State Board of Health. In addition to his contributions as a talented and dedicated physician, Dr. Moore played a leadership role in developing Rochester's park system and in organizing a summer hospital for infants. He was also the first president of the local Red Cross chapter. Through this award, the Medical Society seeks to recognize those in our community who most closely emulate the service and breadth reflected in the life of Dr. Edward Mott Moore.

Nomination Form

2023 Edward Mott Moore Award Nomination Form

Due by Monday, January 2, 2023

2022 Award Recipients

PHYSICIAN AWARD                                 LAYPERSON AWARD

Thomas Mahoney, MD                                    Louise Woerner


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