Physician Wellness Center

MCMS has identified a compendium of community resources that physicians may find helpful in managing their day-to-day lives and improving their overall wellness. The goal is to provide a variety of modalities so that each physician can choose what is best for him or her.

Resource Center


AAMC Rise Wellness Initiatives aamc-rise-wellness-initiatives-health-care-2021.pdf
ACGME Wellbeing resources
American College of Physicians

American Medical Association: Steps Forward Resources
American Hospital Association
Benefits – Leigh Ann Schon
Collaborative for Healing and Renewal in Medicine (CHARM)
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

www.nexgeneap.comMobile App: BalanceBenefits – Member ID 8982, 800-327-2255 

Fidelity or 800-343-0860
The Happy MD Website   connects with a lot of re-sources put together for individuals and even The Quadruple Aim Retreat training leaders trying to reduce burnout at their institution.
MSSNY Committee for Physician Health
MSSNY Physician Wellness Library
National Academy of Medicine Coalition on Clinician Wellbeing and Resilience
National Academy of Medicine Knowledge Hub on Clinician wellbeing
Nutrition/Lifestyle – Lifestyle & Culinary Medicine
Physicians Anonymous Physicians Anonymous offers completely anonymous zoom based support groups as well as individual coaching for physicians struggling with burnout, anxiety, depression, and addiction.
Retirement: Budgeting / Saving for Retirement
Roc Dog (Animal Therapy)
Stanford Medicine Well MD & Well PhD   Great resources for training on what you can do at your organization, has a Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) training curriculum as well to sign up for if interested.


Calm: Offers guided and unguided meditations that focus on relaxing in general and keeping steady in tough times. And, as an added perk, the app lets you personalize your experience.

Headspace: This app has the largest variety of meditations, with guided sessions for beginners and less-structured programming for pros. The interface has an appealingly cohesive design, and Headspace’s rich library of meditations is well organized and easy to navigate.

Healthy Minds: Healthy Minds Program is a free meditation app, so it won’t push you to subscribe. Unburdened by bells and whistles, it offers a well-structured, clear sequence of courses. It’s a great option for anyone who wants to see if meditation is right for them.

Spiritual Care

Unity: 585-723-7969, Emergency Chaplin on call: 585-723-7000

RGH: 585-922-4000

UMMC: Ryan Mating, 585-344-5291

Clifton: Anne Gardner, Chaplin: 315-462-0142


We are all Perfectly Fine. A Memoir of Love, Medicine and Healing. Harper Collins Publisher. © 2021. Jillian Horton MD. Very articulate and helpful. Hard to put down. Good writer.

Stop Physician Burnout. What to Do When Working Harder Isn’t Working. A Systems approach to build-ing your ideal practice and a balanced life in these times of rapid change. Heritage Press Publishers. ©2014. Dike Drummond MD. Very practical, helpful, and easy to read.

The Medical Marriage: Sustaining Healthy Relationships for Physicians and Their Families Revised, Subsequent Edition AMA 2000. Wayne M Sotile and Mary O. Sotile


Carolyn Rollesten: 585-642-0178

David Skeldon: 585-736-1347

Joyce Vick: 585-736-7279


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