2019 MCMS / 7th District Branch Resolutions to the MSSNY House of Delegates and The Actions of the House

Below is the results of the House of Delegates on the Resolutions submitted by the 7th District Branch.  If you want to read the full resolution as submitted click here.  For the complete list of actions of the House of Delegates, click here.

Resolution 51: All Dispensers Report to the Prescription Monitoring Program - Substitute Resolution Adopted

RESOLVED, that the Medical Society of the State of New York continue to work with the American Medical Association to update federal regulations to enable physicians to review medication information currently not required to be reported to New York’s I-STOP database, such as medications dispensed as part of opioid treatment programs and the Veterans Administration. 

Resolution 52: Prescription Monitoring Program Single Sign On - Reaffirmed Policy 117.972

Resolution 101: Online Review - Substitute Resolution Adopted

RESOLVED, that MSSNY will work with outside council to develop methods by which to effectively and legally ensure the accuracy of online posts and reviews, allowing physicians to respond and review veracity while working within the constraints of the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution

Resolution 106: Home Care Discharge Summary Standardization - Adopted as Amended:

RESOLVED, that MSSNY work to introduce legislation to require standardization of the HHCA electronic discharge summary as guided by MSSNY member physicians who will be receiving this information.

Resolution 115: Physician Credentialing Improvement - Substitute Amendment Adopted:

RESOLVED, MSSNY advocate for regulation or legislation asserting that a physician who has submitted a completed application for credentialing, until which time that application is accepted or rejected, may bill for services under the general supervision of a physician who is already credentialed by that plan. This shall be applied to all insurance plans, including state sponsored plans such as worker’s compensation. 

Resolution 169: On Call requirements for Pharmacies Administering Vaccines - Adopted as Amended:

RESOLVED, That MSSNY advocate to the NYS Department and Health and the State Education Department (SED) that pharmacists be required to post information regarding a 24 hour toll free number to answer questions about the vaccine and provide information on a pharmacist’s immunization training, and post instructions to call the physician or 911 in the event of an adverse reaction to vaccine; and be it further

RESOLVED, That MSSNY advocate to DOH and SED that pharmacists also post that they are required to report either by fax or electronically the immunization to the individual’s physician and the importance of having a primary health care provider

Resolution 171: Clarification on New York State Reproductive Health Act - Not Adopted

Resolution 265: Medicare Vaccine Billing - Reaffirmed Policies 125.996, 312.972, and 312.997

Resolution 270: Expand NY State Medicaid Benefit Coverage for Implantable Infusion Pumps for Non-Cancer Pain - Adopted as Amended:

RESOLVED, that MSSNY advocate to expand coverage of Medicaid Benefits for proven comprehensive pain management programs such as motivational counseling, physical and/or occupational therapy and if that fails, to include coverage for implantable Infusion Pumps for Non-Cancer Pain.

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